Fast and High-Quality Repair service in Los Feliz

Turn off your dishwasher if you see that it malfunctions and call our service right now! Don’t let it run. If the switch doesn’t work plug it out and contact us, we will fix it for a good price.

What can go wrong?

We own so many different appliances. This makes us responsible for them. If we take good care of them, it means they will last for a long time. But if we neglect them and stop cleaning them malfunctions will start appearing. It is important that you clean your dishwasher and that you call for the Fisher Paykel dishwasher repair service.

  • Uncleaned dishes – After years of use, the dishwasher might start leaving the dishes uncleaned. You can’t fix this problem on your own, a professional technician must diagnose the problem. But first, check if it is overload. If not, then the problem can be the spray arm or the float switch.
  • It doesn’t start – There are cases when this problem starts right after installation. If this is the case maybe the dishwasher wasn’t installed properly. It is important that you don’t install it on your own and call a professional service like Fisher & Paykel dishwasher repair service.
  • Keeps filling with water – One very messy problem. If the appliance keeps filling up it means you will end up in a soapy mess.
  • Water doesn’t flow inside – If this happens the technician will check the door and the float. If the door doesn’t close well the dishwasher won’t start.

The Importance of Maintenance

Can you call us for other services too? Yes, you can. Call us, Fisher Paykel dishwasher repair service to schedule yearly maintenance or installation. Installing a new appliance and yearly maintenance will also ensure a longer lifespan and efficient appliance. So, call us immediately if you haven’t had yearly maintenance before. You will be surprised how much the efficiency will be increased. This is a type of deep clean that you can’t do yourself because the technicians will use different tools and they can reach places you don’t.

But, never forget the regular maintenance you must do on your own. This is cleaning the appliance. Yes, even an appliance that uses water to work must be cleaned. Even though your scape the food forms the dishes before placing in the dishwasher food debris might build up. This means you must wipe the dishwasher daily to avoided clogs. Also, clean the door regularly and do a deep clean with vinegar and baking soda solution. Once you clean with the solution run the hottest cycle and you will see that any odor will be eliminated and it will smell like new.

Call 424-243-7106 to Schedule Appointment

We are happy to provide high-quality Fisher & Paykel dishwasher repair service no matter how bad the issue is. Our technicians will everything they can to fix it and make it efficient again. Don’t rush buying a new appliance, it will cost you more than a repair servicer. Big appliances like dishwashers have about 20 years’ life span.

So, call 424 243-7106 the moment you notice an issue. Don’t let the problem grow and become unrepairable.

The advantages you will get:

  • Warranty for repairs and new parts
  • Professional service thanks to trained technicians
  • Understanding and polite technicians
  • Easy schedule via email, online request form or form
  • Same day repair service
  • Schedule according to your free time
  • Special offers

Don’t forget:

  • Never overfill the dishwasher
  • Don’t stack dishes
  • Don’t let stainless steel and silver touch
  • Secure the plastic dishes
  • Call us immediately if you notice a malfunction
  • Clean it regularly
  • Schedule yearly maintenance service