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Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Questions and Answers

One of the most common questions that we get is: why the dishwasher doesn’t drain properly? We immediately know that the issue is most probably for Fisher & Paykel dishwasher repair service. However, it is good to know the cause of this problem. The first thing is clogged food. The residue of the food can build up and clog the appliance. This can lead to drainage and leaking problem. Try to clean the dishwasher’s hose. If the problem is still there you must let one of our technicians fix it.

How to make your dishwasher efficient? Well, every dishwasher from Fisher & Paykel is efficient. However, if you don’t use it properly and if you don’t maintain it will lose efficiency and eventually brake down. So, make sure to clean it daily (food particles), and weekly (the exterior and interior). Make sure to give it a deep clean once a month and schedule professional yearly maintenance.

Fisher Paykel dishwasher repair service provides the best repair, installation, and maintenance service. Don’t wait and contact us now. We are here to help you, repair your appliance and answer all your questions.

6 Rules to Remember When Loading Dishwashers

Want to help your dishwasher runs more efficiently? Do you like to save money by avoiding malfunctions? Call our Fisher & Paykel dishwasher repair service for any questions and tips about your dishwasher. We are here to help you. For now, we want to share with you 6 rules that you must follow if you want to have a flawless dishwasher. One that will require fewer repairs.

The first thing is to scrape off the food from the dishes. You can pre-rinse them too. However, don’t wash them too well. Some soil can help with the cleaning during the cycle.

When loading curved dishes place them at an angle. Also, make sure that the dirtiest part is faced downward. This will leave more space for the water to clean them, without nesting.

Place the glasses and cups with an angle so that the bottoms can be cleaned and dried well.

Prevent the utensils from nesting by mixing them up. Also, you can load them with one handle up and another down. This will give space for the detergent to reach them.

Lastly, we at Fisher Paykel dishwasher repair service advise you to always check the spray arms. See if they will spin freely. Check to see if they might him any surface.

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Do you know when it is the right time to call 424 243-7106 and schedule the Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher repair service? The moment you notice a change in the efficiency call us. The technician will fix the problem faster and you won’t spend a lot of money on the repair. You might even save money on spear parts. We have worked on cases when the customers waited too long and the issue wasn’t repairable anymore. So, if you don’t want to end up buying a new dishwasher call us.

Trust us and our technicians because we have used a special hiring process. It guarantees us that we hire only the best in Sherman Oaks. Our technicians are certified and trained; they have passed the background check and have amazing social skills.

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